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Does It Snow In Tennessee For Christmas?

If you’re wondering Does It Snow In Tennessee For Christmas? or what is the weather like in Nashville in the winter, read this article to find out. From Gatlinburg’s winter wonderland to the cool temperatures in Knoxville, Tennessee, you’ll find the answers to your questions. The best part? You can visit the state’s many Christmas attractions during the holidays, and you can even get a White Christmas!

Winter weather

As Christmas draws near, Tennessee is likely to see a few light snow flurries Friday. While the forecast for the rest of the region is bleak, light flurries have raised expectations for a white Christmas in the Midstate. Last year’s snowfall made for an unusually cold winter in the Midstate, and this year may be no different. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to expect a white Christmas in Tennessee this year.

The temperature will be mild from mid-to-upper-thirty degrees Fahrenheit (about -1 to +1 C). December is mostly sunny and drier than normal, with only 14 days of sunshine. The amount of time that you will have outside is reduced dramatically from the beginning of the month to nine hours on the 22nd. The average precipitation will be below normal during this period, with three days of rain breaking records.

You may experience some snowfall in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge during December, but that is rare. It is uncommon to see more than two inches of snow in these areas. If you want to experience snow, however, make sure to head higher in the Smokies. During December, temperatures can drop as low as 30 degrees – which isn’t unusual. There is also a chance of rain, though this is less common than in the rest of the state.

Temperatures in Nashville will vary considerably from month to month. Early December is typically warm with a high of around fifty-five degrees, but it will dip to the low 40s (8-10 degrees) by the end of the month. Even so, the daytime high temperature is still relatively comfortable at mid to upper-sixties in the afternoon. The average low temperature will be around thirty degrees, which is about 10 degrees below normal.

There has been no record of a blizzard in Memphis on Christmas Eve in 2012. The city did get a dusting of snow, but this was only a trace amount. During the years 2009-2012, Memphis had two snow flurries on Christmas day. It is important to note that snowfall does not always mean that the roads will be slick. It is possible to drive on snow-covered roads, but a slushy road surface is always safer.

Chances of a White Christmas in Tennessee

The National Centers for Environmental Information, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has published a map showing which places have the highest chances of snow on December 25. The map uses historical data from Christmas Day to determine the likelihood of snowfall. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, Tennessee has a two to three percent chance of having a white Christmas on December 25.

As a result of this improved precision, the chances of a white Christmas are higher in the mountains than elsewhere. Temperatures will start in the mid-twenties Thursday in the mountains, but lows will drop into the teens by late afternoon. In the mountains, rain will turn to snow earlier than on the plains, and snow is expected to last through the night. The snow will continue on Christmas Day, with temperatures dipping below freezing in the afternoon.

While the chances of a white Christmas vary significantly, there are many factors that can influence the snowfall. A winter storm, or arctic cold front, will be expected to swing through the region on Christmas Eve, bringing a mix of rain and snow. The result will be a white Christmas in Tennessee, with at least half a foot of snow on the ground. As the forecast indicates, this is likely to be the coldest Christmas in Tennessee.

On Christmas Day, temperatures in the lower portions of Tennessee will be slightly warmer than the mid-levels. However, breezy southerly winds will impact the Tennessee Valley on Friday and Saturday. The temperatures will be near a century-old record for the day before Christmas. However, Christmas Day temperatures in Washington, DC will be only 63 degrees. Meanwhile, the West Coast will face significant travel problems. Several winter weather advisories are in effect from the Cascades to the southern Sierra Nevada.

Overall, there are near-normal probabilities of a “White Christmas” in the region, but snowfall totals are still variable. Snowfall will vary significantly across the state and in different mountain ranges. The chances of a “White Christmas” in Tennessee will vary widely throughout the state, but the general pattern for the day will likely be the same: a mix of snow and rain, with temperatures hovering around freezing.

Gatlinburg’s winter wonderland

Experience Gatlinburg’s winter wonderlands during the holiday season! Over 25 years, Gatlinburg has wowed visitors with its colorful light displays, holiday decorations, and strolling musicians. In addition to the holiday decorations and shows, Gatlinburg hosts special events and activities that will add to the festive season. Listed below are some of the highlights of the town’s winter activities:

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas, you can visit Gatlinburg’s Village Shops. These shops are decorated in the spirit of Christmas and resemble a Santa’s village. There are numerous boutiques, dining options, and entertainment opportunities to keep you busy and entertained while you shop. Old Mill Square is filled with shops, forging displays, and cozy outdoor seating.

Lights Over Gatlinburg is a magical event that draws tens of thousands of visitors and media from across the country each year. Guests will find a variety of displays and attractions to keep them occupied for hours. The lights will shine for approximately a quarter of a million hours. You’ll be able to see thousands of Christmas lights, including the one at the SkyLift Park.

One of the highlights of Gatlinburg’s Christmas parade is the 40th Annual Fantasy of Lights. This parade is recognized as one of the Top 20 events in the Southeast and features LED light displays, marching bands, equestrian units, and dancers. During this parade, you’ll get to take a free Santa hat and download a copy of the Christmas Parade.

The town also hosts the Gatlinburg Festival of Trees, a long-standing tradition that raises funds for local charities. This event is held each year at the W. L. Mills Conference Center. You can find parking on Reagan Drive. The Wilderness at the Smokies also transforms into a winter wonderland, with an outdoor ice skating rink, hot chocolate, and s’mores.

If you have kids, the festival is also an excellent place to see Santa Claus. This annual festival offers beautifully decorated trees, a play area for children, and entertainment for the entire family. Santa is also on hand to take photos with guests. Another fun holiday activity is the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, which spins over Gatlinburg. With the dazzling Christmas decorations, Gatlinburg’s winter wonderland is one of the premier holiday destinations in East Tennessee.

Knoxville’s winter weather

If you’re planning to visit Knoxville in winter, then it’s important to learn about the city’s weather. The winter months in Knoxville typically receive at least 1.7 inches of snow, which is average for the region. The chance of a snowy day varies significantly throughout the year, depending on the time of year. For example, December 20 has the greatest probability of snowfall, followed by February 26 and July 31. During the drier winter months, however, there is the lowest chance of snowfall.

Summers in Knoxville are hot and humid, but the colder months are often drier. Temperatures in Knoxville rarely dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and there are few days where it’s below zero. Even in the coldest months, temperatures remain well above freezing most of the time, with the exception of January. During the winter months, temperatures are mild enough to thaw out things but not so cold that they’re uncomfortable.

The coldest months are December and January, with the latter being the coldest months. In addition, August and May will be milder, with temperatures near normal and little or no snowfall. Summer will be hot and rainy, while fall will bring near-normal temperatures and a tropical storm in late October. When planning your trip to Knoxville, take a look at the weather forecast and plan accordingly. You’ll want to be prepared for any kind of weather in Knoxville!

The temperature is expected to drop on Saturday in East Tennessee, with snow and wintry mix. Early Saturday, snow showers are possible over the Plateau, increasing over the Valley by midday. On Sunday, temperatures are expected to hit the mid-40s. A winter weather app is available on Apple iTunes and the Google Play store. When you decide to visit Knoxville in winter, make sure to check out the weather forecast before you travel!

In the winter, many area ponds and rivers freeze, making them popular for skating and other outdoor activities. Flag Pond, for example, was known for a century as a popular ice skating spot. A few hundred years ago, local hardware stores would sell ice skates. Despite the freezing temperatures, the city had several ice skating rinks. The Ice Chalet is still open in Bearden. If you’re planning to attend an event at Dollywood during the winter, make sure to plan accordingly.