Does It Snow In Oakhurst Ca?

In Oakhurst, California, the weather can vary dramatically. Find out the average temperature, Probability of precipitation, and days with the most daylight. Get clearer skies with this climate map. You can also find out when it is the clearest month. Learn more about the climate in Oakhurst by consulting a local weather station. Here’s how much rain and snow falls in Oakhurst each year. Read on for some interesting facts about this Northern California city.


The temperatures in Oakhurst, California range from warm to cool. Oakhurst has a growing season that lasts for 7.1 months and is characterized by two distinct climate zones. The earliest sunrise occurs on June 13 and the latest sunset occurs on November 5. The shortest day is December 31, and the longest is June 27. The climate in Oakhurst is considered Mediterranean. The average temperature is below 51 degF, with the coldest temperature occurring in December.

Although the temperature in Oakhurst can be warm or cold, the climate in this region can be oppressive and miserable. This is based on data from nearby cities. The average temperature for July is 37 degC during the day and 16degC at night. On the other hand, the minimum temperature for July is around 61 degF. The climate in Oakhurst can be extremely pleasant or oppressive and can be described by its perceived humidity.

The month with the most precipitation in Oakhurst is February. The month has an average of 8.1 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The wettest month of the year is February with 51% cloud cover. The percentage of time the sky is covered with clouds is broken down into bands based on the amount of time it’s cloudy. A wet day is defined as having at least 0.04 inches of rain or snow. The chances of rain and snow vary from week to week, but are usually low.

Probability of precipitation

How much precipitation will Oakhurst, California get this year? Oakhurst typically experiences 7.1 months of rain or snow annually. The longest day is June 21 and the shortest day is December 21. During February, there are 7.6 days with rain alone, with the highest probability of that occurring on February 20. During other months, there will likely be some snowfall. In general, Oakhurst can expect to receive 0.22 in (0.22 mm) of precipitation each month.

The wettest month is February, with a chance of 0.04 inches of precipitation on average. February has the highest chance of rain in Oakhurst, with 8.1 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation during this month. On the other hand, August experiences a low-precipitation rate, with 0.7 days of significant precipitation per month. This means that you can expect more rain in October than in any other month.

With increased temperatures and less rain, climate change may also alter precipitation patterns in California. The state’s average precipitation rate is expected to decrease between 20 percent and 30 percent by the end of the century, with the largest drop expected in the Sierra region. Climate change is also projected to result in an increased chance of extreme precipitation events, such as rainstorms that are heavier than usual. In addition, climate change will change ocean conditions and atmospheric circulation patterns, making it more difficult to predict when and where rainfall is expected.

Days with the longest daylight hours

The cold season in Oakhurst, California is 3.5 months long, with average daily high temperatures below 57 degF. The shortest day is December, when the low temperature is 33degF and the highest is 51 degF. Hourly average temperatures for the city are shown in the figure below, with the dotted lines showing average perceived temperature. There are several days of the year when the temperature remains below normal, so be sure to dress appropriately.

The longest daylight hours in Oakhurst, Ca are on July 4, 2022. These dates are important for many people because after June 21, the summer is guaranteed to end, and the daylight will start to fade. So make the most of the summer evenings while you can. Here are some tips to make the most of the days of the year in Oakhurst. And if you want to plan an outdoor event for these days, make sure to make reservations as early as possible.

The summer season in Oakhurst, Ca lasts for about 7.1 months, or 218 days. The rainiest month is February, with an average rainfall of 4.1 inches in this month. The rainless period lasts for 3.9 months from May 29 to September 27. If you want to get a feel for the weather conditions in Oakhurst, California, consider a sliding 31-day rainometer.

Clearest month of the year

When determining which months of the year are the clearest, you’ll want to know the average number of days with no precipitation. In Oakhurst, California, the clearest month is June. The least amount of precipitation occurs in mid-June. The week of June 18th experiences no significant precipitation on average. Meanwhile, the week of February 26th has three days of significant precipitation.

During the month of April, the chances of precipitation in Oakhurst are only 24%. This means that you’ll experience 0.1 inches of precipitation on average, which is essentially the same as no rain or snow at all. During the other months of the year, such as May, you’ll likely have the most precipitation at any given time. You’ll also find plenty of sunny days throughout the year.

September is the clearest month of the year in Oakhurst, CA. If you’re planning a trip to the town, you’ll want to plan ahead and find out the best time to go. October is the most popular time, with temperatures between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius, which is considered the most pleasant for hiking and mountain biking. Also, be aware that tarantulas are common in the area.

Days with the lowest chance of significant precipitation

For a given location, the average annual rainfall varies a great deal. In Oakhurst, California, the wettest months are February and March, while the driest months are April and November. February has the highest average rainfall in Oakhurst, with 8.1 days that receive at least 0.04 inches. In contrast, August only experiences 0.2 days of significant precipitation on average.

A wet day in Oakhurst can consist of rain alone, snow, or a combination of the two. On average, January has the highest average precipitation in the entire year, while February is the cloudiest month with an average of 51% overcast days. The percentage of time the sky is overcast is the most important factor for determining a wet day, and the percentage of days with that type of precipitation varies throughout the year.

The average annual high temperature in Oakhurst, California is over 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month of the year is December, with average daily high temperatures between 33degF. Listed below are the average low and high temperature on days when the chances of significant precipitation are the lowest in Oakhurst. For reference, the dotted lines show the average perceived temperatures.

Early January brought the lowest chance of significant precipitation in the region, although it still remained a wet month for the rest of the country. On January 3 and 4, the Sierra saw heavy precipitation in the morning and late afternoon, and snow levels rose to the 8000 to 1000-foot range by the end of the month. For comparison, winter is still in full swing in the Sierra, so if you live in Oakhurst, California, you should be prepared for a snowy winter.

Average annual snowfall

If you’re looking for a city with a low amount of precipitation, Oakhurst, California may be the place for you. The average amount of rain and snow in Oakhurst falls between 24 and 75 inches per year. The wettest months of Oakhurst are September and November, with highs of 74 and lows of 33. The coldest month of the year is December, with an average daily high temperature below 57 degrees.

The growing season in Oakhurst, California lasts for about 71 days (212 days). It rarely begins earlier than March 4, and typically ends before October 21 or after November 30. The city is located along Highway 41, which connects it to Fresno and Mariposa. The Sierra Telephone Company is based in Oakhurst. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountain views and many outdoor recreation opportunities. Oakhurst, California’s climate is one of the most mild in the world.

The climate of Oakhurst is incredibly quiet. Even during the wettest months, wind speeds are minimal. The windiest month is June, with average wind speeds of 2.6 knots. This is considered “light air,” although it can get gusty, especially during the spring and fall. However, the windiest month is early April, with maximum sustained winds of 9.5 knots, which are considered a “gentle breeze”