The Young Business Travelers Mindset
Findings of a new global study from Harris Interactive shows that young business travelers are greedy, tech-obsessed whiners who will gladly charge expensive meals and airline upgrades to their company account and post a negative review online if they’re not satisfied.
Sun and Sand Year-Round
Carlsbad’s mild weather and stunning beaches make it one of the perfect southern California destinations all year round. The seven miles of surf, sand and sun beckon for endless outdoor activities. Your visitors can soak in the sun, catch some waves or stroll along the shore.
It’s So Miami
Miami is not just about the festivals all around you - it is about the festive spirit inside you. The one that emerges when surrounded by ocean breezes, swaying palm trees, salsa beats and fun in the streets. From a mango festival to the PGA Tour, your visitors will find something that will make their trip to Miami an annual affair.
Culinary Delights!
Las Vegas offers your visitors a wide range of restaurants with all kinds of delicious food. There is something to eat on every corner and with a huge variety of food, everyone’s taste buds will find something they love – and they will never feel guilty because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports
Kentucky Derby Week may be the most exciting time to take a good look at Louisville. The world is watching and your visitors can too! The Kentucky Derby Museum brings the pageantry and excitement of the Kentucky Derby to life. Feel the excitement of the crowds and hear the thunder of the hooves.

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