The Boomer's Travel
How much do baby boomers love to travel?
According to industry research, they spend $157 billion on trips every year, and many polls rank travel as our No. 1 leisure activity. While it’s hard to make generalizations about 78 million individuals here are seven of the hottest trends among our peers.
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Louisville Bourbon
America’s Native Spirit is alive and well in and around Kentucky’s largest city – and any visit to Louisville must incorporate a Bourbon tour. Choices include the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Kentucky Bourbon Festival and Louisville’s own Urban Bourbon Trail, stopping at 14 restaurants and bars in downtown Louisville.
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Los Angeles Film
Celebrating 20 years in 2014, the annual LA Film Fest showcases the best in new American and international cinema. This world-class event connects the movie-loving public with critically acclaimed filmmakers and emerging new talent, bringing them together in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world.
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Brazil Must
Brazil has it all: from beautiful white-sand beaches with crystal clear blue water, palm trees and sea breezes, to national parks such as Iguaçu Falls and The Pantanal with an amazing abundance of wildlife, to a veritable melting pot of cultural diversity. Breathtaking is the word!
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Rocky Mount
Rocky Mount’s culture comes to life on a tour of the town’s signature attractions. First, visit the Country Doctor Museum to see how rural medicine was practiced in olden days. Then learn how to throw a pot at Finch Pottery, followed by country-style lunch at Bailey Café.
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